15 Sep 2016

How my story might have been different had guns not been a part of the equation?”

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Gun Panel Discussion

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

Luncheon Lecture Series

Meadows Museum

(SMU Campus)




My husband suffered from mental illness and as his illness escalated, so did the verbal abuse that over time escalated to violent behavior. He was a very sick man and when his illness became un-manageable, I asked for help.


I repeatedly pleaded with the Champaign County Sherriff and the Illinois State Police to help me remove his rather expansive collection of firearms.


No one came . . . .


My cries were dismissed as an overreaction to a marital spat . . . . perhaps a precursor to what would probably end in nothing more than messy divorce.


On February 27, 2009, our story ultimately ended with an attempted murder / suicide in that he shot me three times with a .45 caliber hand gun and then turned the gun on himself.


Three of our four children were in the home at the time and only by the Grace of God were they spared. It was our youngest child, my daughter who was then six years old that came running when she heard my cries for help. The memory of her father’s face with blood pooling out of his mouth is emblazoned in her precious little mind forever.


I was asked to speak about “How my story might have been different had guns not been a part of the equation?

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28 May 2016


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I returned home confined to a wheel chair. I hated that thing and on numerous days, I wished I had the strength to chuck it through one of the big picture windows that surrounded my living room. I fantasized about it rolling down the hill, into the ravine, buried deep in the woods, never to be seen again.


I hated being dependent on people. I was very thankful that my mother had come to live with us, devoting all of her time and attention to tending to my needs and caring for my family. But, I longed for my independence and to be a part of the daily routines of my four active children.


I hated the fact that I was always fatigued. I hated the boredom that resulted as I was confined to either my bed or that damn chair.


I hated how long it took to do basic things . . .

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