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15 Apr 2012

To Serve and Protect

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As Americans we are raised to believe that this creed is the most basic principal of those who serve in law enforcement.  It is simply a patriotic truth that speaks to our core.

My family was not protected and service was not afforded to us.  THAT DAY should have never happened and there is a tragic backstory.
Gabe had a history of mental illness.  He had been hospitalized numerous times both voluntarily and involuntarily.  He was on a great deal of medication and was very public about the drugs he was taking, his therapy sessions and his battles with depression.

01 Apr 2012

Two Years and Counting – Upwards that is . . .

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When Gabe died, numerous people came up to me and said that the first two years would be the hardest.  I wanted to defy them and mentally recover from the tragedy must quicker.  Two years seemed like an eternity to me especially since every day seemed like it was filled with one hundred hours instead of twenty-four.  In the first several months, I would try to sleep as much as possible as I felt that sleeping made time pass by faster and this might expedite the process of grieving and recovery.

My measuring stick was the number of good days versus the number of bad days.  I remember keeping a mental log of my “turn around” time each time I would crash to convince myself that I was actually getting better.  Read more