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14 Jul 2013

Why Being Alive Means You Have Purpose – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey

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12 Jul 2013

A Life’s Purpose

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Yesterday was my first day back to work after a brief vacation.  It was tough.  After enjoying the freedom of being home with my kids for the better part of week, I found myself broken and torn about going back to the job that I was at one time so thankful for and really enjoyed.
I work for a mid-sized public accounting firm that specializes in business and partnership taxation.  Our clients are complex with multiple entities.  This work is challenging and I have enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that comes with working at a higher bandwidth.  However, the rigidity of my supervisors, the lack of flexibility within my work place and the demands of long hours during tax season have been brutal and very hard on my family.  We are about to start our 2nd “tax season” of the year as the firm extends approximately 80% of their workload.  With deadlines of September 15 and October 15 looming, I have to start preparing for 70-80 hour work weeks once again.