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19 Oct 2013

Tragedy Surrounds Us.

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Another sad event happened in my back yard earlier this week and I am still emotionally reeling from what transpired.

A little over a year ago, I moved my family to Texas to start a new life.  I wanted to leave as many of the memories, heartache and baggage behind as possible.  I was very, very fortunate to move into a new development with a strong sense of community.  We have a private face book group and this is used as a forum for our neighborhood.  We look out for one another by sharing information about homeowner’s meetings, police reports, neighborhood wine tastings and by sending out the occasional reminder of the pool access code.  Whereas I don’t know a number of my neighbors personally, I still feel connected – thanks to this group. Read more

10 Oct 2013

Beyond Understanding

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Each and everyday there is a moment where I reflect on what has happened to my life and to my family.  Sometimes these moments pass quickly and sometimes they don’t.  I work so hard at moving forward and every once in awhile I get a little bit stuck.

I find myself fighting desperately to shove thoughts of the past back into the deep, dark crevices of my mind.  On certain days, this is more of a struggle as I try to erase the bad memories when they creep up to the surface.

Why is it that I so easily remember that which was so unpleasant and hurtful? Whereas Gabe and I had happy times for sure, the joyful memories are so tucked away that they are hard to retrieve. Read more