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19 Jan 2015

#14 – Domestic Violence Doesn’t Matter

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So I showed up on someone else’s blog . . . .

I don’t know the author and I have no idea how she found out about my story but nevertheless, I feel somewhat validated.  My story isn’t irrelevant and apparently has been on the radar of others.

Thank you Averi Clements for paying attention.  I really hope that I meet you someday and can simply give you a hug!

09 Oct 2013

A Disparaging Decision

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In some previous posts, I have alluded to pending lawsuits related to my late husband’s death. One of these suits is against the Champaign County Sherriff’s Office and the Illinois State Police.

To summarize, my husband did NOT have a valid FOID (Firearm Owner’s Identification Card); he had a very public history of mental illness in our community; he was labeled a mental prohibitor by the State of Illinois and he had an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.

I had an order of protection against him, informed authorities about his gun collection, repeatedly asked for help getting the guns out of the house and was repeatedly denied. Read more