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28 May 2016


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I returned home confined to a wheel chair. I hated that thing and on numerous days, I wished I had the strength to chuck it through one of the big picture windows that surrounded my living room. I fantasized about it rolling down the hill, into the ravine, buried deep in the woods, never to be seen again.


I hated being dependent on people. I was very thankful that my mother had come to live with us, devoting all of her time and attention to tending to my needs and caring for my family. But, I longed for my independence and to be a part of the daily routines of my four active children.


I hated the fact that I was always fatigued. I hated the boredom that resulted as I was confined to either my bed or that damn chair.


I hated how long it took to do basic things . . .

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18 May 2016

The 911 Call

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I lost my cell phone at some point during the scuffle.  I needed it desperately to call for help.  My immediate thought was to get to it so I could shield the kids from the carnage that surrounded me.  I raised my body up with my elbows and tried to crawl forward. I couldn’t move.  Now I was really scared, as I was gravely aware of the fact that I was in trouble.


I couldn’t afford to panic.  I remember making deliberate efforts at breathing slowly and deeply.  If I could keep my heart rate down and if I could remain calm, then I might be able to somehow reduce the amount of blood loss.  I of course, didn’t have any idea of the extent of my injuries . . . I just knew that I was in bad shape.


After a few seconds I came to the realization that I might die in that closet and that’s when I started to scream for help.   Read more